Hero Introduction: Wold

"The whole lot of you, the men, the women, the children; your villages, your temples, your gods — I want it all to burn". Wold

His essence is rage. His rage is fire. He is Wold—vengeance personified, the core of the team’s striking force.

Choose him if you want to burn your opponents alive: protect yourself from projectiles with Fire Shield that ignites all enemies who dare to come close. Choose him, and his fury will earn you victories: invoke Fiery Avenger, a spirit that runs at the enemy to explode, damage, and stun. Choose him, and let his hammer do the talking.

Forge your glory in wrath, fighting as Wrathforger. Register for free now and pick Wold to sink your opponents in endless rage: https://bloodofheroes.online/en/registration/

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