Complete Patch Notes for Update 0.42.0: Even More Experiments

Open Beta is the time to both improve and experiment. With our brand-new update to Blood of Heroes, we tried to fully embrace each of these notions.

First off, the experiments. Blocking vanquished heroes has always been one of the most hotly debated features of our game. This time, we decided to omit it in Duel mode to see how it changes the dynamics of our battles for both new and veteran players. We're excited to see the results!

Also, to ensure battles start faster in all of our game modes, we're temporarily shifting everyone to Frankfurt with this update. Frankfurt seems to be the best location for all the other regions in terms of ping, and we noticed that a lot of players tend to move there as they get more skilled. Therefore, to concentrate everyone on the same server, we're leaving just one: Frankfurt. Please note that this is an experiment, so if it proves to be the wrong move, we’ll change things back to how they were over time. But for now it's 24/7 Domination battles. Let’s go!

It goes without saying that the game needs a solid foundation for our experiments to be successful. This is where improvements come into play. With the new update we're introducing even more fixes for the connectivity issues, as well as multiple enhancements to the combat system, hero abilities, UI, VFX, sound, and maps. You can read the complete and detailed patch notes below.

Make sure to voice your opinion on the experiments via any of our community platforms. Your feedback is the key to making Blood of Heroes the best game it can be. Have fun playing, and see you on the battlefields!

Game Modes

— Heroes will no longer be locked after they die in the Duel mode. 
— A Brawl round will now last 180 seconds instead of 210 seconds.


— Fixed an issue with crafting hero skins: they will now require Pattern instead of Mold.

Combat System

— Fixed Vorga's and Ratkha's attacks: Vorga will no longer have issues with light attack combos, and Ratkha won't twitch when performing a combo.
— Fixed an issue that caused a hero to twitch when target locking.


— Fixed an issue that prevented abilities from resetting at the start of a new round.
— Fixed an issue with Fire Shield preventing Scorched Earth from being used.
— Mearcweg's weapon will no longer glow if Ramming Wave has been interrupted. 
— Fixed the Skin of Stone animation for the Rager skin.
— Fixed an issue that caused Skin of Stone to be applied to an enemy Ratkha instead of the player.
— From now on, the actual area of effect will correspond to its displayed visual effect.
— Battle Trance now works correctly and grants the hero immunity to the attacks that decrease resilience. 


— For you to find battles faster, we decided to consolidate our servers. From now on, only one region will be available—Frankfurt.


— Gamepad support has been added to the Quests menu.
— Fixed the errors related to the stats on hero cards and in hero descriptions.
— Fixed an issue with the Privacy Policy not closing on Esc (or B on a gamepad).
— Fixed an issue with saving the controls layout for a gamepad.
— Fixed the Collect Rewards button in the Quests menu for a gamepad.


— Heavy shield attacks will now leave trails.
— Visual effects will be placed closer to the surface and won't be hanging in the air as often as before.
— The visual effect of a weapon appearing behind the hero's back will no longer be displayed when the hero picks up a mead horn.
— Fixed the visual effect of breaking a block.
— Visual effects no longer stick to weapons after plunge attacks.
— Fixed the flash displayed after you kill a home arena bot.


— Collision has been fixed for Crypt, Challengers' Hall, and Cromlech.
— Collision has been fixed for the tutorial map.


— Fixed the double sound effect of Renar's Ultimate.
— Fixed the double sound effect of the Furnace interaction.
— Hontunga has taken a chill pill and now expresses his emotions at a much lower pitch.


— Map optimization is in progress.
— If you reset gamepad controls to default, layout 1 will be applied.
— We've hidden the antigravity generator from Vorga, so he will no longer be able to shoot to the moon.
— Moreover, Mearcweg has also lost his power to bring dying enemies back to life with his Ramming Wave.
— Fixed an issue with players experiencing an asynchronous countdown before the battle.
— Fixed an issue that prevented players from spawning if their spawning spot has already been taken by a different player.
— Fixed an issue that caused the arena decorations to reset after battles.

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