Runes and New Special Event | Update 0.44.0

The holidays are coming, friends!

So let’s celebrate the beginning of this magical gift season with the release of Blood of Heroes update 0.44.0, going live on December 21.

For the first time ever in our game, we are introducing runes. Runes are special perks that give bonuses to heroes’ stats. Use runes to fine-tune your favorite characters, and kit them for your preferred playstyle. At the moment, there are nine different runes available in the game—from damage increase to boosting stamina regeneration. You can apply any rune you possess to any hero, so start experimenting and find your winning combination.

Also, starting on December 24, you can take part in our special Blood of Heroes event: Solstice. Solstice is a festive personal arena and lobby with holiday-inspired music. Solstice is also three unique quest chains with nice seasonal rewards for completing them:

  • Three days of Premium for Yule Feast (December 24 to January 7)
  • Winter’s Peak arena core for Rites of Winter (December 24 to December 31)
  • Frost Brothers graffiti for Blooded Snow (December 31 to January 7)

And of course, you will be additionally rewarded for completing midline quests in quest chains, so make sure to stop by the battlefields during the holiday season. Learn more about the event, and find the complete patch notes below. And come join the holiday battle as soon as Blood of Heroes 0.44.0 is available. See you there!


Runes give heroes additional bonuses and help them better adjust to various playstyles. There are nine runes in the current version, but only three are available by default:

— Increase maximum health
— Increase maximum stamina
— Reduce weapon ability cooldown

The remaining six runes can be earned in battles:

— Boost health regeneration
— Boost stamina recovery
— Increase damage resistance
— Reduce ultimate cooldown
— Increase maximum resilience
— Boost resilience recovery

Solstice Event

On December 24, the Solstice begins: it's a new event where you can complete special quests and earn valuable rewards. For completing each quest chain, you will get special season rewards:

— Three days of Premium for the Yule Feast quest chain
— Winter's Peak arena core for the Rites of Winter quest chain
— Frost Brothers for the Blooded Snow quest chain


— You can find quest chains in a separate Solstice quest tab.
— The first chain is available throughout the event (December 24 through January 7).
— The second chain is available during the first half of the event (December 24 through December 31).
— The third chain is available during the second half of the event (December 31 through January 7).
— You also get rewards for completing intermediate quests in the chains.


— So you can fully enjoy the holiday spirit, we have decorated the lobby and home arena for the whole duration of the Solstice event.


— Festive music has been added to the lobby.


— Added a recipe filter by category to the Furnace. 
— Reworked the visual elements displayed when a player is killed.
— Added the option to automatically log into the game.
— Updated the text about the successful purchase of a hero.
— Updated the text in the Back to Battle window.
— Added a notification about not having enough currency to purchase an item.
— Updated some messages in the lobby tutorial.
— Updated short descriptions of several abilities in the Heroes tab.
— Removed the option to purchase an already purchased hero in the Details tab.
— The loading screen is now displayed as soon as matchmaking is complete.
— Reworked the Shatter window in the Craft section.
— Fixed statistics updating after battles.
— Fixed hero sorting with filters.


— Updated several Krumagal, Hontunga, Wold, and Mearcweg skins.


— Added a visual effect for a successful evasion.


— Fixed the appearance of the bot after changing the arena core.
— Fixed tab highlighting when opening the hero customization, hero details, and arena customization windows.
— Integrated controller navigation in the Inbox tab.
— Fixed an issue with legal documents displaying incorrectly after changing the language.
— Removed visual effects that remained from Wold's avenger and Hontunga's spirit after the heroes die.
— Removed unnecessary skins from the Details screen in the Heroes tab.
— Fixed the Quit button: it now works if a player was unable to log into the game.
— Fixed the amount of damage dealt when falling into the chasm.
— Fixed an issue with the "Logged in" label displaying incorrectly on the game login screen.
— Fixed an issue with the game crashing when quickly skipping the tutorial.
— Fixed an issue with the game crashing during long periods of inactivity on the mode selection screen in the lobby.
— Fixed the animation of heroes' weapons disappearing after death.
— Fixed an issue with installing two identical arena items into different slots.

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