Holiday In-Game Event: Solstice

The day the Sun stops and remains still over the horizon, refusing to share its warmth, only the heat of battle will excite us and ignite the warmth within us. This day will mark the beginning of Solstice.

Starting on December 24, you can take part in our special Blood of Heroes event: Solstice. Solstice is a festive personal arena and lobby with holiday-inspired music. Solstice is also three unique quest chains with nice seasonal rewards for completing them:

— Three days of Premium for Yule Feast (December 24 to January 7)
— Winter’s Peak arena core for Rites of Winter (December 24 to December 31)
— Frost Brothers graffiti for Blooded Snow (December 31 to January 7)

And of course, you will be additionally rewarded for completing midline quests in quest chains, so make sure to stop by the battlefields during the holiday season. Join the holiday battle! See you there.

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