Complete Patch Notes for Update 0.43.0: Krumagal

Blood of Heroes Update 0.43.0, featuring a new hero—Krumagal—will drop on November 16. Take a look at the update video and complete patch notes, then hit the battlefields!

Krumagal. Krumagal! KRUMAGAL!!!

Oh yes, dear friends, the release of a brand new Blood of Heroes update is right around the corner (it will drop on November 18), and this one has Krumagal written all over it.
In the end, when a game is dedicated to heroes and blood, nothing gets its players amped up as much as the arrival of a new hero! So, without further ado, meet Krumagal—an agile and merciless backline fighter who truly shines in team game modes. And in addition to our cruel sorcerer, this new update also brings us:

  • An in-game event with a chance to win 3 days of Premium and an epic Krumagal skin
  • A new game menu with players’ personal statistics
  • Changes to the battle system and teamplay

Needless to say, an update is never complete without a decent set of tweaks and improvements to the game. For this very reason, Blood of Heroes version 0.43.0 features a number of bigger and smaller bug fixes, improved UI, sounds, and maps (we can finally jump onto the Challenger’s Hall tables!). In addition to that, we’ve added in-game control hints, and also bots that will replace players who decide to leave their matches prematurely. Find the complete list of improvements and fixes in our patch notes below, and then go hit the Blood of Heroes battlefields to try and test out all this hot new stuff for yourself. See you in battle!

New Hero: Krumagal

Time to welcome back a hero who used to fight in the game arenas, but took a break. Meet Krumagal! Our new character is an agile second-line melee fighter who launches fast attacks with his clawed gauntlets, and is capable of increasing enemies' ability cooldowns and reducing allies' ability cooldowns.


Warped Jinx

Reduces ability cooldown for allies, increases it for enemies.


Tiger Claws with the Choke Trap ability

When used, creates an enemy-triggered trap that slows down stamina recovery for all enemies in the affected area. This ability significantly affects the mobility and attacking potential of opponents, making them vulnerable to the onslaught of Krumagal and his allies.

Mother of Mayhem with the Numbing Curse ability

Releases a magic orb that explodes on impact, temporarily blocking the abilities of any enemies it catches. Numbing Curse applies to both Ultimates and weapon abilities.


— Bonesplitter (Basic)
— Hunter
— Tormentor
— Witherer


Krumagal's attack animations have been reworked.

Days of the Hunt In-Game Event

Along with the release of the update, we're launching a temporary in-game event. It consists of two quest chains and valuable rewards for completing them:

  • Unholy Strength: 3 days of Premium
  • Trail of the Cursed: Krumagal's Witherer skin

A bit more about these quests:

  • You can find them in a separate Days of the Hunt tab in the Quests section.
  • Both chains are available to everyone from the start of the event.
  • You also get rewards for completing intermediate quests in the chains.
  • The event will last from November 18 through December 3.

Balance and Combat System

We've introduced some balance changes that apply to all our heroes:

  • Damage will no longer pass through a block.
  • Heavy attacks consume more stamina.
  • Dodge Attacks deal more damage.

We've improved the visual indication of attacks and hero feedback in battles:

  • It will be easier to understand whether your enemy is about to use a light or heavy attack. Light attacks are highlighted in blue, while heavy attacks are highlighted in orange.
  • An effect for charged attacks has been added.
  • An effect for breaking a block has been added.
  • An effect for blocking a light attack has been added.
  • You'll see an effect on the HP bar when your hero takes damage.
  • You'll see an effect on the stamina bar when your hero's stamina is critically low.
  • You'll see a red effect near the borders of your screen when your hero takes damage.
  • We've improved the visibility of the vignette displayed when your hero's stamina is depleted.

Interface Hints

New players will now have an easier time figuring out the controls, as we've added a separate block of control hints to the game interface. There are several cycling groups of hints. You can toggle them off and back on in the game settings.

Number of Players in a Team

We know you've wanted to put together a full Domination team for quite some time, so now you can invite up to five players onto a team. Unite and conquer.

Ally Panel

In team modes, you will see a panel that shows the heroes picked by your allies, as well as their HP.

Player Statistics

Now you can evaluate your progress in the player statistics menu: Account > Statistics. Statistics will be recorded starting from this update and won't take your previous progress into account.


  • The tables on the Challengers' Hall map had their legs shortened. Now you can jump on the table and have the time of your life.

Other Changes

  • Starting from this update, you'll have the chance to encounter AI-controlled players in Brawl (bots). The bots will replace players who decide to leave a battle before it's finished. That way you can continue fighting on equal terms. Plus, they will help new players get used to the game faster.
    • Unfortunately, at this point, the system does not give you any rewards if you fail to enter the battle or get disconnected from it for any reason, because it will be considered an early leave.
  • We've redesigned some daily quests and added daily quests for Krumagal.
  • All pop-up notifications will now be stored in the Inbox tab.
  • We've introduced some changes to the tutorial that will allow players to get used to the game faster.
  • You can now trade bloodstones for coins in the store.
  • If you're trying to buy an item but don't have enough currency for it, you'll see a special pop-up window that will take you to the store where you can buy the corresponding currency.
  • We've made some alterations to the visual design of Ratkha's Rager skin.


  • We've added filters to the Heroes section of the store. Now you will be able to find what you're looking for faster.
  • Error and confirmation windows now have an improved appearance.


  • We've added a countdown sound before the battle starts.


  • Beards have lost consciousness and will no longer live their own lives separate from the heroes.
  • Fixed an issue where the inversion settings on a gamepad wouldn't reset when you reset the controls to default.
  • Fixed an issue with the game crashing when trying to change the language.
  • Fixed an issue with texture display on the Cromlech map.
  • Fixed the lighting on the Harbor of Despair map.
  • Fixed an issue where heroes would twitch near walls in Duel.
  • Fixed incorrect skin names in the Craft pop-up notifications.
  • Fixed an issue with several visual effects displaying incorrectly when multiple abilities were applied to a hero.

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