Happy Holidays, Friends!

Some people say that the winter holidays are a true time of magic. However, thanks to you, friends, not just these holidays, but this whole long year has been magical for us.

This was the year, when excited and anxious, we announced and then launched both Closed, and, eventually, Open beta tests.

This was the year when Blood of Heroes changed and added to almost every aspect, from the combat system to personal player statistics, and still keeps on evolving and growing.

This was the year we firmly decided that we want to release Blood of Heroes as a free-to-play game, and we want to bring it to consoles with true cross-play, so that as many players as possible can experience it.

This was the year we finally bid farewell to our infamous Non-Disclosure Agreement, and instantly dove into watching the first streams and making the first videos, as well as sharing news, producing content, and launching events.

This was the year that gave Blood of Heroes so many amazing moments that we might need more than one year to mention all of them.

This was the year when we were lucky to meet so many of you.

Thank you for staying with us, friends. May the new year bring you myriads of hot battles, glorious victories, interesting events, and bright, lively chats. We will do our best to help all of these things happen. We will do our best so that Blood of Heroes remains a nice and important part of all of our lives, one that is always exciting to turn to. Lots of fun and surprising news and events lie ahead of us. We will start sharing details on them in early 2022. So please: stay tuned, stay awesome, and stay with us, heroes. See you soon. On the battlefields, of course. Cheers!

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