Hero Introduction: Krumagal

"Bring me the survivors. I shall feast on their souls". Krumagal

Heroes are free to choose how they win. Some throw themselves into battle and give it their best, relying on their own abilities and skills. Others prefer to deny their opponents the right to win by ruining their plans and wrecking their strategies. Krumagal has no problem being the second type.

Krumagal, Witherer, is a deft and merciless sorcerer. Choose him if you want to make your opponents play by your rules. They'll never catch you: swift and agile, you dodge every attack, immediately retaliating with a series of bone blade strikes. They can't avoid your snares: decoy your enemy into a Choke Trap, and they will be left with no stamina, forced to just endure the pain as you dominate them. They can't ignore you: your Warped Jinx shortens cooldowns for allies and increases them for enemies. You can reverse the momentum in even the most dramatic situations.

Register for free now and pick Krumagal to give your opponents the shivers. Make them play by your rules.

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