Hotfix 0.43.1 | Fixes and Improvements

Days of the Hunt are in full swing, Krumagal is having a blast destroying his enemies, and we release a lightning-quick (as if Renar himself had worked on it) hotfix 0.43.1, in which we:

  • Fixed Mearcweg’s Breaching Leap ability. From now on, no more excessive hopping around. Shame on you, Mearcweg, have some dignity and wait for your ability to cool down like everybody else out there
  • Halved the stats for Brawl bots
  • Tweaked and fixed movement and attack systems, thus reducing desynchronizations and related problems

The in-game event will continue through December 3, and Blood of Heroes itself has become a bit friendlier. So, update the game and come back to fight, friends! See you on the battlefields!

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