Hero Introduction: Vorga

"Of all the paths in life, I chose the one less travelled. The one where I met my fear. My true path". Vorga

Not all Blood of Heroes characters crave blood. Some of them are on their endless quests for the truth. Among these is the hero of our new video, Vorga. Some live to kill. Others—to heal. Vorga does not fall for mundane affairs of everyday life—glory, respect, honor. Rather, he lives in constant strife to solve the riddles of the universe. Still, if you find yourself next to the Bonesetter on the battlefield, know that his wisdom will cure you and his knowledge will make you invincible. When you choose Vorga, you become the ultimate brother-in-arms, one who wields his staff with tremendous skill and fights his way to victory with every masterful stroke he makes.

Apply now to join the closed testing of Blood of Heroes and get a chance to aid your teammates as Vorga from May 4. Healing and respect are calling for you!

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