Hero Introduction: Ratkha

“Those who lack strength are the first to deride it. Nonsense. To reject something, own it first”. Ratkha

Heroes… Extraordinary warriors who fight in the arenas of the grim borderline world of Blood of Heroes. They shed each other’s blood on its battlefields. They become the essence of this world, going through endless battles. Look into their eyes to know them better. Today, meet Ratkha. He’s Ratkha, Skin of Stone, ironclad, slow, and deadly. Become him if you want to last here: he dons the strongest armor; he bears the toughest shield; in the utmost peril, his skin hardens into stone. Stay close to him if you want to win: he’ll soak in the damage and leave your opponents exhausted, he’ll stun them, and then will let you deliver the fatal blow.

Apply now to join the closed testing of Blood of Heroes and get a chance to hit the battlefields as Ratkha from May 4. Victories forged in blood are calling for you!

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