Closed Beta FAQ

Blood of Heroes is now in Closed Beta. In this article, we answer some frequently asked questions. You will learn about test participation, system requirements, our plans for the future, what an NDA is, and other important things.

1. What kind of game is Blood of Heroes?

Blood of Heroes is a fierce PvP melee action multiplayer game set in a dark fantasy world; it will thrust you into a dark, medieval, and distinctly Nordic realm. Blood of Heroes is developed by Vizor Games, a Belarus-based developer. You can watch the game trailer and character profiles on our official YouTube channel.

What are the system requirements?

— Operating system: Windows 10
— Processor (CPU): Intel Core i3-9300, AMD Ryzen 3 2300X
— Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, AMD Radeon RX 560
— Memory (RAM): 8 GB
— Hard disk: ~10 GB

— Operating system: Windows 10
— Processor (CPU): Intel Core i7-8700, AMD Ryzen 3 3300X
— Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, AMD Radeon RX 590
— Memory (RAM): 8 GB
— Hard disk: ~10 GB

What does the "Closed Beta test" mean?

During the Closed Beta test (CBT), we refine the game before releasing it to a wider audience. At this stage, a lot of players join the game, but you can download and play it only if you have signed up and received an invite.

CBT's main purpose is to gather feedback: we want to develop the game for you and cooperate with you because each player's experience and opinions matter. Share your thoughts on Blood of Heroes on our social networks, contact our Support, and complete our surveys; it's the only way to make your feedback visible to us.

During CBT, we also check the technical aspects of the game: how the game client and launcher work, whether the network is stable, and how we can cope with high server traffic when many players join simultaneously.

At this stage, the quality of the game isn't final, so restrictions on sharing game content still apply; you can learn about NDA provisions and read other legal documents here. The feedback you submit during CBT is essential for future improvements of the game. CBT participation is voluntary and completely free.

I want to play Blood of Heroes, so how do I take part in CBT?

Applying to join CBT is easy:
— Navigate to
— Click JOIN FIRST on the main page or in the top-right menu
— Complete a brief form and click SIGN UP
— Check the email you specified in the form for a confirmation letter. If it's not there, check your spam folder. Make sure you confirm your email!
— Wait for an invitation letter with a launcher download link. It can arrive the same day or after a while; check your email every now and then.
— Download and install the launcher and the game itself to finally enjoy the brutal arenas of Blood of Heroes!

How long does it take to get an invite?

We're processing your applications in batches, so the invite might come immediately or in several days. If too many applications arrive at the same time, it might take even longer than that. Despair not, though: just check your email every once in a while (don't forget the spam folder).

What is an NDA? Can I post in-game content (screenshots, videos, streams) on the Internet?

NDA stands for Non-Disclosure Agreement. It is a legal document that defines how certain details of the game can be shared. Every player who takes part in CBT automatically accepts all NDA provisions. To cut it short, the NDA allows sharing any in-game content only at our official Discord server. Here are some examples of what you CAN'T do everywhere else:
— Post or share screenshots
— Record or share gameplay and UI videos
— Stream gameplay on any streaming platforms
— Record audio from the game, etc.

However, you can use and share the officially published media kit from our website and content from our social networks. This includes texts, images, screenshots, videos, gifs, etc.
Twitter [EN]
Twitter [RU]

Can I spread the news about the game or post the sign-up link online?

Sure! We'll be happy if you do; share the sign-up link any way you want.

Will the game be free at launch?

We're considering different ways of distributing and monetizing the game, so it's hard to say if Blood of Heroes will eventually be free or not.

Will the CBT accounts and game progress remain in later stages?

We expect to keep all Closed Beta accounts in later stages, including after the game is released. As for the game progress, we might have to wipe it in the case we need to even out the game balance for the players that join after CBT or if we introduce new mechanics or technical solutions. In brief, your progress may be wiped in future.

What modes does the game feature, and how many maps are available?

In Blood of Heroes, you can fight in both one-on-one and group modes on several maps per each mode. The exact number of the available maps is unclear even to us, as we are constantly shuffling them for testing purposes.

Are there ways to customize the game experience (decorations, skins, and so on)?

Yes, there are. They're rather basic right now, but we're planning to put more work into it in future.

Where can I share my thoughts, ask questions, or communicate with other players?

You can do that on our social networks:
Twitter [RU]
Twitter [EN]

You can also comment our videos on the official YouTube channel. If you encounter any technical issues, contact our Support.

If you already have access to CBT, join our official Discord server. You can find the link in the invitation message or the launcher.

When will Open Beta or any other open stage start?

During CBT, we fine-tune and improve the game, so we don't know for sure how long it will take. As soon as the project is ready for an open stage, we'll announce terms and dates.

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