Time to Fight! Blood of Heroes Entered Closed Beta

New battles are finally here! On May 4, Blood of Heroes entered Closed Beta, and you can be a part of it! Sign up for the closed test and become a warrior in a dark, borderline world, set to prove your worth in a fierce PvP melee.

To enroll, click "JOIN FIRST" and complete a registration form on our website. As soon as you get a special invitation letter, you'll be able to download Blood of Heroes to your PC. Please note that we'll be granting access to the game in several phases, so receiving the invite might take a little while; check your email every now and then.

You will get a chance to show your might and courage in the unforgiving arenas only when the time comes. Nevertheless, you can already find worthy allies or pick formidable foes on our social networks, where we'll also share fresh updates.

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