Hero Introduction: Mearcweg

“Reckon I don't have time to kill you all, so now you numbskulls cast lots”. Mearcweg

Mearcweg—the central character of today’s video—couldn’t care less about defense and safety. His business is damage; while his foes try to receive as little damage as they can, he deals as much pain as he wants to. You cannot hide behind a shield, for he breaks them by the hundred. There’s no point in dodging his attacks either: Breacher can easily finish you off after a single successful knock down. Facing him, don’t put much faith in your witchcraft: he’s able to dismantle even the strongest of spells. Only the smartest, nimblest of warriors can evade the sweeping blows of Mearcweg’s war axe, and woe betide those who receive a straight blow of this mighty weapon, for such a mistake might very well prove fatal.

Apply now to join the closed testing of Blood of Heroes and get a chance to deal maximum battle damage as Mearcweg from May 4. Rage and glory are calling for you!

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