2021: Blood of Heroes Edition

Ah, the winter holidays! This is the season of warm nostalgia, the perfect time to sit back and take a good look at the past year, to celebrate everything nice and important that happened to us over these last twelve months. So, let's make our favorite hot beverages, get comfortable, and look back at 2021 in Blood of Heroes. Enjoy the good memories!

New Development Stages and Key Business Decisions

When 2020 was coming to a close, we couldn't even imagine all the global changes that were waiting for us in what was then the new year. At that moment, we were just planning to announce Blood of Heroes worldwide, and maybe slightly lift the veil of mystery over it. Who would have thought that in 2021 our game would gradually go from pre-alpha to Open Beta, and with one glorious official trailer

Closed and open testing phases, announcing the game is free-to-play, announcing the console releases—so many important things happened to Blood of Heroes in 2021. And of course, there will be more. During the last couple months of 2021, we made up our minds on some more crucial things that we'll share with you during this new year. It's almost time to get excited, friends!

In-Game Changes

Over the course of 2021, Blood of Heroes stayed true to itself, yet also got bigger, deeper, and more diverse. Even if we only look at the most important changes, we still end up with a pretty impressive list:

— Added character customization and alternative weapons
— Duel with AI is gone, but we can challenge our friends to duels in a separate mode now
— Added player personal statistics
— Added runes

Finally, and most importantly, we changed the Blood of Heroes combat system drastically in the beginning of 2021, and we've been tweaking and tuning it constantly since. It seems now we're just getting a taste for it. Based on your feedback and recommendations, we will keep on improving the Blood of Heroes combat system to the point where it provides you with pure excitement, delight, and fun. So, please keep on sharing your opinions with us and discussing any existing problems. On our side, we'll do our best to make Blood of Heroes the best game it can be.

Farewell, Non-Disclosure Agreement! Hooray, Content!

The Blood of Heroes community will definitely remember 2021 as the year when the all-mighty NDA finally fell. Since that glorious moment, we have enjoyed tons of livestreams, memes, videos, and even comic strips. It's still possible to take another look at some of them on, say, twitch.tv or YouTube. We are very grateful to everyone who has dedicated their talents and efforts to producing content about Blood of Heroes, as well as everyone who has spent some time watching our videos and reading our messages (including this one). In 2022, we'll release even more videos in new experimental formats, and we'll finally launch our Blood of Heroes partner program for everyone who wants to get more from making content about our game. So stay tuned and stay creative, friends!

For Blood of Heroes, 2021 was definitely a year to remember. It was good, it was tough, it was important. We hope 2022 will be at least as big for all of us, if not bigger. As a team, we'll do everything we can to ensure that. Looking forward to seeing all of you on the battlefields, friends. May 2022 be your best year to date. Cheers!

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