Blood of Heroes Hotfix 0.41.2: Fixes & Experiments

We observe your battles very closely, collect and read through all of your feedback, and try to recognize the key problems and act on them as quickly as possible. Some improvements are so extremely important that we decided to introduce them immediately, before the next big update. A whole set of such improvements—known as Hotfix 0.41.2—will be waiting for you in Blood of Heroes later today:

— The ability to assign alternative keys for light and heavy attacks, as well as target lock
— The disabled lobby tutorial
— Fixes to multiple connectivity issues, which should eliminate most of the situations when players are unable to connect to a game; we’ll further look into the problem
— Displaying types of the items received for completing quests and partaking in matches

Moreover, with this hotfix, we aim at dealing with another hotly debated problem. The solution we offer is quite experimental and, therefore, might not last. We will keep an eye on your reaction and feedback, as well as the overall effect of this adjustment on every particular round and match. We will be looking for better solutions to the problem we face, in case they don't work as intended:

— Whoever leaves the match early (including those spectating), does not receive any reward for the match

Please, share your thoughts about these changes on any of our community platforms. We believe that together we’ll find how to cope with the issues at hand. In the meantime, let’s go test some hot changes!

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