Hero Introduction: Renar

" One axe is good. Two's enough. Three's for jesters and jugglers. Do I look like a jester to you?" Renar

In Blood of Heroes, one can choose the playstyle that fits them best. The hero of today’s video—Renar, an agile and swift frontline fighter—will be a favorite of those who like uninterrupted fast-paced action.

His strengths are stamina and speed, so if you want to win, just don’t stop for a second. Run, dodge, hit, repeat. Daze your opponent with Thunderclap, and then introduce them to a fully charged heavy attack. And when your stamina gets depleted, use Berserk Frenzy to restore it and punish your enemies with yet another series of hits.

Make your opponents feel and fear the power of Ironhail. Register for free now and pick Renar to unleash your true might: https://bloodofheroes.online/en/registration/

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