Little scares me anymore. I fought horrors that creep from the bottomless pit of the spirit realm.

A natural healer, Vorga uses his range of protective abilities to gain an edge over his opponents; while he's admittedly not much on the defense, he's still quite capable of frustrating the stoutest foe or even overcome in a pitched battle.




Seemingly quiet and distant, Vorga is a most capable spellsinger, equally able to stand for himself in earthly encounters as well. Once, his youthful brashness brought him much grief and loss, finally making him a wanderer between nations—and worlds. Throughout his lifetime, he faced the horrors of the immaterial all too often, learning to protect himself from a tender age and ultimately becoming a true bane of any malevolent spirits. Oh, and he's quite capable of setting a twisted shoulder or ankle.

In battle, Vorga acts as the team's healer and support, providing much-needed assistance where it's wanted most. His weapon abilities, Blessed Cloak and Purge Spell, bestow temporary immunity from wounds and effects, while the Ultimate, Spiritual Healing, restores the health of Vorga' allies and himself.

Spiritual Healing

Creates a healing area for the allies.

Weapons and Abilities

  • Wishing Cudgel

    A conjurer's tool, this staff aids the owner in the arcane dealings of the netherworld, hugely extending his capacities.

    Blessed Cloak

    When used on self or an ally, Cloak makes the target invulnerable for the duration of the ability.

  • Spirit-Bane

    The adder-stone that adorns this staff unravels spells wrought by other warlocks.

    Purge Spell

    Grants Vorga and his allies immunity to negative effects for a certain period of time.

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