One axe is good. Two's enough. Three's for jesters and jugglers. Do I look like a jester to you?

Swift and nimble, Renar is always on the offence; his attacks quickly mount to levels of damage unsustainable even for the most resolute opponents. While some rely on their armor or spells, Renar puts his trust in his agility and uncanny dual axe-wielding skills.




Renar's past is quite notable: he made his way up the sea raiders' ranks after being captured by them in his youth. His agility and relentlessness made him a perfect match for rapid encounters on the deck of a longship, for few could withstand his concentrated fury; within a few years, he rose from a life of servitude to a leader of the boarding team and—eventually—a captain of his personal raiding fleet.

In a team, Renar is almost always at the frontline, breaking the enemy ranks with well-aimed strikes of his twin axes that are equally good for a close-quarter duel or a ranged throw. His weather-based weapon abilities, Thunderclap and Ring of Lightning, hurt his enemies and expose them to this sea predator, while his Ultimate, Berserk Frenzy, grants Renar a second wind in a gruelling fight.

Berserk Frenzy

Instantly restores Renar's stamina and raises his battle resilience for some time.

Weapons and Abilities

  • Franciscas

    With equal ease, these grim axes make a mess of a nearby enemy or launch a ranged attack that stuns unlucky targets.


    On a hit, Thunderclap dazes the enemy for a few seconds.

  • Stormsinger

    Stormsingers, a seafarer's weapon, command weather and deal death in battle.

    Ring of Lightning

    Summons bolts of lightning that damage enemies nearby.

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