Skin of Stone


Helmets and plates protect the soldiers, but shields guard the entire formation. Lose your shield, and I'll kill you myself.

Notable for his resilience, Ratkha towers over the adversaries like a thundercloud, smiting them with the sweeping blows of his flanged mace.

His defences soak up almost any damage thrown at him; singlehandedly, he thwarts multiple foes with his abilities, stalling the enemy's advance.



Unlike many other heroes of the Cliff, Ratkha had a humble background, taking up a warrior's path in life only by chance. Still, this didn't prevent him from overcoming all odds; eventually, he became a steadfast fighter, a warlord renowned for his battlefield acumen, and finally, a self-made king. His mastery of impenetrable defence made him the soldiers' favorite, earning him a new name, Skin of Stone.

Ratkha's stats make him the go-to choice for the team's tank. Capable of withstanding multiple attacks, he can stall the enemy's onslaught if other heroes support his effort. Ratkha's weapon-based abilities, Stunning Blow and Wall of Resistance, hit wide and large, making the affected foes easy prey or blocking their advance, while his eponymous Ultimate grants him temporary immunity.

Skin of Stone

When activated, protects Ratkha from all incoming damage.

Weapons and Abilities

  • Gada

    The ones who strive to wield the devastating Gada should forge themselves into its likeness in both body and spirit.

    Stunning Blow

    When used, the ability stuns all enemies within its effective range.

  • Shashpar

    Truly, wielding the mighty Shashpar requires the strength of an elephant.

    Wall of Resistance

    Creates an area that periodically knocks down enemies.

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