Agile melee fighter literally tearing through enemies.

While Krumagal is admittedly not about dueling, his abilities are as nasty as they are perverse. He's a major spoiler, capable of thwarting any enemy effort or supporting the allies' advance.
Warped Jinx
Cooldowns shorten for allies, grow for enemies.
Warped Jinx
Cooldowns shorten for allies, grow for enemies.

Weapon and abilities

Tiger Claws
Primitive and deadly: this ritual weapon took many ignorant souls who couldn't see beyond its crude exterior.
Choke Trap
When used, the ability creates an area effect that drains the enemies' stamina.
Mother of Mayhem
Even those who face this ugly contraption for the first time can sense its inherent malice. For many, this time is also the last.
Numbing Curse
Launches an exploding missile that numbs the enemies' abilities for a while.

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These hunters know no rest or sleep, pursuing their animal and human prey through the woodlands with unrivalled relentlesness; their ability to hide, stalk, and strike from the shadows of the perennial wilderness defies even a weathered imagination.
The natives of the forest have a custom of subjecting their unfortunate captives to the most cruel torments. Well-versed in the limits of the bodily endurable, they make up for the lack of sophistication with ages of experience in the art of pain.
It is a great mistake to consider these woodsmen thoughtless beasts for their unseemly habit; indeed, their cheers and ululations at the cries of their mangled prey are not a sign of depraved insanity. A much more sinister but completely rational goal drives them to search for the most stalwart souls, for only those who passed the prelude of agony can partake of the final rite called the Withering, of which we shall not speak of here because there are no words that can lend a semblance of truth to its nature.


Since the dawn of mankind, some traditions persisted and some died; some were forgotten, but not lost. Krumagal, the Witherer, was a warden of the old ways. He was the blood on the snow. He was the Horned Hunter. Still, if you ask those who faced him and lived to tell the tale, he was an unholy spawn of a degenerate forest tribe who rose to become a homicidal warlock king that reveled in the suffering of his victims. With his ascent, ancient shadows loomed over the kingdoms of men: mercilessly, he wiped out entire tribes of his own kin to forge a force unseen in ages and face the ironclad armies of neighboring rulers—only to be stopped by a chance encounter with a fellow sorcerer.

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