A few herds of cattle, a few wives, a few enemies to kill. I need not much to be content.

Not keen on rushing into battle headfirst, Hontunga prefers to stay away from the heated clashes, relying instead on his trusted javelins and spiritual abilities. Even if he's not as tough as some other fighters, he more than makes up for that in agility and attack range.




Fate wasn't always kind to Hontunga, but he bore the brunt of it stolidly. Born with a lively and passionate character, Hontunga, a spirit-charmer, a hunter, and a poet, lived through what few men can withstand: famine and disease, death and slavery of his people left signs of immense grief upon his brow. He saw himself dragged into cosmic events that he knew little of and cared for even less; he faced great beasts, endless wars, and foul sorcery with equal indifference, desiring one thing and one thing only: his final solitude.

You won't find Hontunga at the front line of a battle formation; by nature, he is a scout and an outrider, supporting the main forces with stinging surprise attacks. His weapon abilities, Haunted Past and Twister Spirit, extend the team's ranged arsenal, while his Ultimate, Killing Bliss, protects the allies and drains the enemy's powers.

Killing Bliss

Heroes protected by Killing Bliss are immortal; their own attacks restore their health.

Weapons and Abilities

  • Assagai

    These darts are well-suited for ranged volleys and close combat, piercing any armor.

    Haunted Past

    When used, Haunted Past summons spirits that pursue the enemy to explode upon collision.

  • Lightning Bolt

    This noble javelin is envied and feared, for it strikes down beasts and men alike.

    Twister Spirit

    When used, summons a spirit that casts javelins and explodes upon touching the enemy.

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