The whole lot of you, the men, the women, the children; your villages, your temples, your gods—I want it all to burn.

Perhaps, it's best to see him as hate personified; Wold despises all living things, wishing death and only death upon all that breathes. His fiery attacks scourge the enemy's ranks, and the mighty blows of his hammer strike fear into the hearts of the most weathered fighters.




Once human, Wold barely resembles your average blacksmith anymore. He's a favored champion of the gods, or so it's rumored; however, there's little of the Allfather's benevolence about him. Wold's past mistakes led him to a life of misery; he was biding time, waiting for his death, but prayed for vengeance, and finally, the day of retribution had come. It changed Wold, making him into what he is now: a charred apparition with a blackened soul. Still, his pact with the Allfather is unbreakable, and his rewards are many.

Although Wold doesn't look like an avid team player, he can deal a huge amount of damage on the offence while holding off the assaulters with his blazing trickery. His weapon abilities, Fire Shield and Scorched Earth, can thwart any budding attack, and his Ultimate, Fiery Avenger, is always a nasty surprise for the unwary.

Fiery Avenger

Summons a spirit-like figure that chases nearby enemies and explodes on impact.

Weapons and Abilities

  • Scorchbrand

    True to its name, Scorchbrand leaves no enemy unmarked.

    Scorched Earth

    Creates a wall of flame that ignites enemies.

  • Wrathmaul

    Barely looking human made, Wold's maul is all too fast in the hands of the warsmith.

    Fire Shield

    Protected by Fire Shield, Wold is immune to projectiles; enemies who attack him catch fire.

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