Hero Introduction: Hontunga

"A few herds of cattle, a few wives, a few enemies to kill. I need not much to be content". Hontunga

Some Blood of Heroes characters prefer to keep their distance. They can fight in close combat, but why would they: their opponents have much more trouble hitting them from afar.

Position yourself, aim, shoot, and celebrate the kill.

Hontunga is a ranged fighter who relies on marksmanship, speed, agility, and proper positioning. Pick him, and with Killing Bliss, you will not only cheat death but also heal through dealing damage. Pick him, and with Haunted Past, you’ll unleash the power of explosive spirits upon your enemies.

He is the Soulcaster—your ultimate ranged weapon that can annihilate and protect, often in one fell swoop. Register for free now to take Hontunga to the battlefields and crush whoever dares to face you and your teammates.

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