Reckon I don't have time to kill you all, so now you numbskulls cast lots.

Foul-mouthed, rash, and brutish, Mearcweg is nonetheless an expert combatant; his great axe requires equally great skill, but he handles it flawlessly, striking down several enemies at a time. Take care, though, for he doesn't discern friend from foe in the heat of battle.




Fighting ability doesn't always come with a mild temper—or basic decency. Since early youth, Mearcweg was torn between his desire to be the best among the best and his craving for the pleasures such an elite status should've brought him. When his clansmen started questioning his outrageous excesses, Mearcweg knew no better than to sever all family ties most brutally, becoming a hunted outlaw, a bandit captain, and finally, a treacherous warlord. What Mearcweg missed in human qualities, however, was compensated by his battle prowess that seemed almost uncanny. Still, arrogance turned Mearcweg's ruin; his allies were eager to leave or betray him, and his fighting skills finally found a worthy match.

With Mearcweg on your team, battles become fast-paced and bloody; like wildfire, he goes through the toughest enemies almost effortlessly. His weapon abilities, Breaching Leap and Ramming Wave, turn his foes into helpless dummies, whereas the Ultimate, Battle Trance, enables a swift recovery.

Battle Trance

Clears any negative effects on the hero, enhances stamina and resilience.


  • Cleaver

    The cleaver is almost blunt, but it needs no edge: the sheer weight makes it unstoppable.

    Ramming Wave

    When used, the ability knocks down all moving enemies within its effective range.

  • Shield-Shatter

    Nothing can withstand the primal force of this shield-shatterer—and its bearer.

    Breaching Leap

    When Breaching Leap is used, the hero lunges at the enemy to deal a crushing blow.

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