Blood of Heroes development is wrapped up
Everything that has a beginning has an end
Everything that has
a beginning has an end
Let's make the battlefields remember us all as heroes
We are saddened. But we aren’t broken. All the energy we’ve put into Blood of Heroes has turned into experience, which we will certainly use for our future games, the games we’re already working on. In case you'd like to stay in touch with us and be among the first to learn about our new projects, please follow us.

We are grateful. For the fact that you exist. For your passion for battles and your drive to overcome. For your courage to play an unfinished project, for believing in us, for your praise, and your criticism, and for infinite motivation.
Everything that has a beginning has an end. And when the blood that covers the blade turns into rust, the flame of rage grows tired, and the search for an opponent becomes an eternal quest, then the time to surrender their weapons comes even for Blood of Heroes warriors. The time is ripe to acknowledge the harsh truth: we did the best we could, but we weren’t able to get enough players.

On May 27th Blood of Heroes will stop its servers and cease to exist as a project. The development process will stop during the testing phase, and the game will not get a full release.
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Blood of Heroes Shutdown
Everything you need to know about Blood of Heroes shutdown: hottest questions and most sincere answers. Join the developers for the final battle on PC on May 26th from 5 PM GMT.
Blood of Heroes is shutting down. What does this mean?
The shutdown means that firstly, from May 13, 2022, we will no longer allow registering in the game, as well as making in-game purchases with real money. Players will only be able to purchase in-game content with coins. Secondly, from May 27, 2022, players will not be able to log into the game, as we will stop all the game servers and delete all the player accounts.
Will the development company keep any data on players and/or player accounts after the shutdown is complete?
We operate in complete compliance with GDPR. Therefore, as we shut Blood of Heroes down, we will not keep any player-specific data, including your emails and survey responses. We will, however, keep aggregative analytical data, such as average game rating and the average amount of matches per player. Nevertheless, we will continue developing games, so if you want to stay in touch and be among the first to playtest our future projects, please join us.
Why does Blood of Heroes have to shut down?
Unfortunately, Blood of Heroes has not been able to get recognition or a player base big enough to comply with our business goals, so we have to shut it down.
How come it has been several months since the latest Blood of Heroes update? What have you been doing all this time?
During the last several months, we concentrated our efforts on things that, in our opinion at the time, could save Blood of Heroes from failure. Namely, we generated hypotheses on what could drastically improve the game, developed prototypes based on these hypotheses and held playtests to test them.
Why weren't the players from the existing community invited to participate in playtesting the prototypes?
We needed to understand exactly how appealing Blood of Heroes was for the newbie players while most of our beloved active community members were veteran players. Throughout Blood of Heroes' development, our veterans shared tons of great ideas and feedback with us. Still, to save the game we had to concentrate on making it as appealing as possible for the new players, so we were seeking their initial feedback and reaction during our experimental tests.
Over the last several months, there was next to no communication between the players and the developers. How come?
The thing is, we only wanted to share the most reliable info with you, to avoid rumors and misinterpretation. Therefore, we chose limited communication over sharing false news and potential disinformation.
Will the development team hold any kind of Blood of Heroes farewell event?
Oh yes, absolutely! On May 26 from 5 PM GMT we will hold the final battle of Blood of Heroes on PC. Everyone is invited, including our all-star players and developers themselves. To make the most fun out of it, we will grant every account tons of coins, so that everyone can buy anything they want. Hope to see you all there!
Will there be a farewell update for Blood of Heroes?
Unfortunately, no. Blood of Heroes will not see any more updates.
Will there be any presents or prizes timed to Blood of Heroes shutdown?
Unfortunately, we can only use in-game items to give away as presents or prizes. As these items will lose every kind of value when the shutdown is complete, there is just no point in giving them out.
What will happen to Blood of Heroes official social and community channels?
We will close our Facebook, VK, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. At the same time, both Discord servers will stay up for as long as there will be any community interest in keeping them alive. Quite some players have bonded over their Blood of Heroes journeys, so we hope they will be willing to keep the conversation going on our Discord servers. Also, we might post some news and announcements on our upcoming projects there. Finally, we are not planning on closing our YouTube channel, but we probably won't post any new content there.
What is next for Blood of Heroes? Are there any plans for Blood of Heroes 2 or a PvE version of the game?
There are no such plans at the moment. However, deep in our hearts, we will always keep our hopes high for a sequel or a PvE Blood of Heroes project.
How can I stay in touch with Blood of Heroes development team and its future projects?
To stay in touch with us and follow our news, please join us.
Is there a way to reclaim the money spent on Bloodstones?
Yes, totally. Anyone is free to file for a refund, and we will be returning the money under our Terms of Service. Here's how it goes: all players can reclaim the money they spent to buy Bloodstones over the past two weeks. However, one cannot get a refund in case the Bloodstones purchased were used to obtain any in-game content, or if the transaction happened over 14 days ago. Also, to prevent any ill-advised last-minute spending, we will disable in-game purchases with real money on May 13, 2022.
If you want to hear about new games or be among the first to participate in playtests, leave your email address in the form below.
The Blood of Heroes project is closed, but the team is still working!
If you want to hear about new games or be among the first to participate in playtests, leave your email address in the form below.
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